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A clear, step-by-step roadmap to changing your mindset, determining your path forward and achieving the career, future and life you want & deserve

Does any of this hit home?

  • You dislike your job but are not sure of what to do next
  • ​You are unemployed and thinking about taking control of your future
  • ​You know you want a change but struggle to gain clarity on what that looks like for you
  • ​You know what you want in life are too scared to go out and get it
  • You want to change careers but are not sure how to get started
  • ​You want to start a side hustle but are unsure of what to sell or where to start

And you are finally ready to…

  • Act on that idea you’ve had in your head
  • Pursue the career you’ve always wanted
  • ​Start a side hustle and make extra income
  • ​Start a serious business and leave your 9 to 5
  • ​Get over your fears and develop a positive mindset
  • Gain clarity and live the life you want

Then you NEED to keep reading!

Define Your Ideas & Passions

We will discuss the keys to beginning your journey towards career clarity. This includes your current mindset, how to get past what’s been stopping you, and the changes you need to make right now.

Create Your First Step Towards Clarity

We will work together to uncover your true passions and interests. Then, we will match those up with your skills and identify potential opportunities for you to pursue.

Share My Research & Experiences

I will share what I have learned from years of talking to working professionals, educators, and psychologists. You will get an insight into what happens when you gain clarity and what happens when you don’t.

Is a Clarity Coaching session right for you? 

If you agree with any (or all) of the following then the answer is YES!

You're feeling stuck in your current life

We will discover where you got stuck and where you need to go next.

You want to quit the 9-5 & start a business

We can create a step-by-step plan to make this overwhelming change possible.

You need to find your life's passion

Everyone has a passion that can be turned into a career and together we will find it.

You're out of college with no real direction

This program provides the perfect sequel to your college education.

Working with Kyle changed everything for me. Before, I was confused about my next steps and what I should be doing in my career. After working with him, I gained a type of clarity and confidence I never knew I had. He really knows how to cut through the BS and focus on what’s important.


I am blown away with how Kyle can clear the way towards what I actually should be working towards. I thought everything was so complicated until I began working with him. He just has a way of making it all work out. I continue to work with him to this day.


I'm Kyle, and I realized pretty quickly after graduation that I had chosen the wrong career path. 

Working in an office from 9 to 5 was not for me. What came next was an amazing journey that brought me here talking to you today.

In the last few years I have become a motivational speaker, published book author, branding strategist, clarity coach, quit my 9 to 5 and founded my own business called To The Next Step. 

Along the way I have overcome obstacle after obstacle, but made it through.

I'm not only a clarity coach, but an accountability partner who truly wants to see you make that massive change you are capable of. 

I went through and learned a lot in my journey, and now I want to share it all with you.

I want to put some good into the world before this rollercoaster of a year ends so I'm filling my calendar with free hour-long sessions to help you make it out with a defined path for your future!

Some words from a few of my coaching clients...

I was pretty confused about the career I wanted to pursue before I started coaching with Kyle. He was real and authentic from the beginning. What’s unique about him is that he incorporates the experience and opinions of others into his advice. He always makes sure you have the best possible information to move forward with.


When I started working with Kyle, I was miserable at my job and felt like there was no way out. He helped me discover things about myself I never knew. He made me realize I was special and talented. He gave me the confidence to pursue the career I always wanted. My career and life are finally on the right track.

- JEFF D. 

The Three Most Common Roadblocks People Face On The Road To Clarity


"I have no idea how or where to start"

The number one reason people don’t go after what they truly want is that they don’t know where to start. This is why I focus on changing your mindset, developing the right habits, and getting honest about what you really want in life.


"I'm afraid of failing or being judged by others"

People are more comfortable with the idea of not trying than they are with trying and failing in public. Caring about the opinion of others has killed more dreams than anything else. This is why we focus on identifying exactly what you are afraid of and what actionable steps need to be taken to get over it.


"I don't have anyone to hold me accountable"

Let’s be honest, we all work better when we have someone holding us accountable. Not only am I your clarity coach, I am also your accountability partner. My program includes weekly check-ins in between sessions to ensure you are staying on track.


Q: What value can I get from this free call?

A: I will ask a series of questions designed to get you thinking about what clarity means for you. Then I will suggest which path you should select and the first step you need to take to get there.

Q: Is this call just going to be a sales pitch?

A: No, but I understand the concern. Unlike other coaches, even my free intro call has real value. I will get to know you and provide advice you can use whether you become a client or not.

Q: What if I have no interest in starting my own business or side hustle?

A: That’s fine. I have developed a coaching program for those who want to change careers but stay in the traditional work setting.

Q: What if I am already clear about my next career move?

A: That’s great. In that case, I will help you with stuff like mindsets, mistakes to avoid, marketing advice, and a lot more. Clarity isn’t just about knowing your destination, it’s also about identifying each step along the way.

Q: How are you different from other coaches or mentors I have had?

A: I am real and authentic. I do not deliver cookie cutter solutions or pie in the sky motivational speeches that don’t go anywhere. With me you get a coach and partner who is going to give you real advice and the brutal truth at all times. I actually care where you end up after we are done together.

Q: Is Clarity Coaching any different from a Life Coach?

A: Yes. Nothing against life coaches but they tend to focus on helping you create a budget, have better relationships, and get organized. I am focused on helping you discover what your next career move should be.


  • You no longer work at that job you hate
  • ​You quit your 9 to 5 to pursue your dream
  • ​You are making extra income from a side hustle you launched
  • You are building a business that is going to make an impact
  • ​You enjoy getting up and going to work everyday
  • You feel a sense of purpose in everything you do
  • You are finally excited about where your life is headed

That could be your future when you decide to take the lead and sign up for Clarity Coaching with To The Next Step! 

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